Beetroot and Potato Gnocchetti in a Sage Butter Sauce (GF)

I think it is safe to say that last summer I was beet obsessed. After producing a beetroot tart tatin, beet infused polenta tartelettes, beet risotto, beet muffins, and even multiple forms of red beet ravioli, I thought that I might finally be able to move on to other equally versatile vegetables. Clearly, I was mistaken. When I happened upon Emiko Davies' recipe for gluten free gnocchi, however, inspiration struck, once again in the form of beets. Remembering last year's striking magenta ravioli, I decided that the beige potato gnocchi would also benefit from a healthy infusion of the purple purée. When I riced the potatoes for the gnocchi, I added in a roasted beet and then mixed about a tablespoon of beet purée into the finished gnocchi dough. While the ravioli I made last summer faded quickly while they cooked, these gnocchi held their color beautifully. I tossed my cooked gnocchi in a simple sauce of brown butter, garlic, sage, and vermouth and then served them with roasted carrots, chopped hazelnuts, and a sprinkling of parsley and parmesan. We all agreed that they were some of the lightest, fluffiest gnocchi we had ever tasted - even after a summer in Italy. The little grooves in the gnocchi were the perfect vehicle for the nutty brown butter, sharpened with garlic but balanced by the subtle taste of sage. The almost caramelized roasted carrots not only provided the perfect color contrast for the pink pasta, but also delicious flavor and texture. Easy to make and quick to cook, these gnocchi will definitely be reappearing on our summer menu.

Beetroot and Potato Gnocchetti (GF)
in a
Sage, Butter, and Garlic Sauce   
Serves 3 
          500 g starchy potatoes
          50 g potato starch
          About 1/2 of a beaten egg
          1/2 tsp salt
          1 beet and 1 tbsp beet purée (purée can be omitted)
          6 tbsp salted butter
          A generous splash of vermouth
          1 clove garlic
          5-10 sage leaves
    Garnish (Optional)
          4-6 carrots, sliced and roasted for about 40 minutes in the oven
          2 tbsp hazelnuts, toasted
          3 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped
          3 tbsp fresh parmesan, grated 
Heat the oven to 350˚F. Peel the beet and cut it into chunks. Coat it in olive oil and place it on a baking dish in the oven. Bake for about 40 minutes, until a fork can be easily inserted. Bake at the same time as the potatoes. Rinse and pat dry the potatoes and place them on a baking dish, skins still on. Bake the potatoes for about an hour to an hour and a half, until they are easily pierced by a fork. The baking time will vary depending on the size of the potatoes, so try and select potatoes of about the same size so that they take the same amount of time in the oven.
Let the potatoes cool slightly before peeling off their skins. Put them through a potato ricer (Emiko also says you can mash them, but I had great results with the ricer). Run the roasted beet through the ricer as well and mix it into the potatoes.
Add the egg and mix together (I used my hands, which is probably the easiest). Add and blend the potato starch. Roll the dough into little balls and pressed them gently with a fork.
Cook them in gently boiling, salted water until they rise to the top and remove with a slotted spoon. Place them in the pan of sauce once they are cooked.
When the water for the gnocchi is just about simmering, melt the butter of medium heat. Press the garlic into the melted butter and mix it around, allowing the butter to brown slightly. Add a splash of vermouth and the sage leaves. Once the gnocchi has cooked, remove them from the water with a slotted spoon and toss them gently in the sauce. Top with optional garnish if desired.


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